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"Restart - Discover the journey from the dream, its fulfillment, to great success!"

"Restart: A Supernatural Journey of Overcoming and Transformation

Discover the inspiring journey of author Nena Fonseca, a devoted reader who, after retiring as a teacher, felt the calling to venture into the world of writing.

Nena Fonseca, originally from Brasília, is a retired teacher from SEDF, married, mother of three children, and a proud grandmother of seven grandchildren.

She loves reading, writing, and seeks constant improvement! This passion inspired her to fulfill her purpose of spreading Christ's love through everyday stories. In her narratives, she aims to create meaningful connections, allowing people to identify with the shared experiences.

She finds joy in traveling, appreciating nature, sewing, and sharing precious moments with family and friends.

The pursuit of realizing the dream of creating a Christian romance became a challenge, but a divine intervention during a prayer meeting changed everything.

Continue the narrative: The Journey of Transformation Begins

Intrigued by the magic of words and determined to fulfill her dream, Nena Fonseca found in the "Become a Best-Selling Author" course the key to unlock her creativity. The learning provided by the publisher not only refined her skills but also brought to life the plot she had envisioned."

Continuing the narrative: A Captivating Story

The result of this dedication is "Restart," a smooth and engaging narrative that transcends the pages. Readers have been captivated by the meticulously crafted characters and places, immersing themselves in a plot that arouses curiosity with every chapter.

In "Restart," we are taken to explore life's crossroads through the eyes of Lis, a woman who faced questionable choices and had to restart her journey more times than she could count.

Within Lis's circle of friends, Vanessa emerges as a still undecided character, balancing on the tightrope of decisions without a definitive commitment, while Daniela represents the loyal friend, endowed with unwavering wisdom.

In this intriguing plot, every reader can see themselves reflected in the different phases of Lis, Vanessa, or Daniela, questioning their own choices and exploring the unpredictable paths of life. As the plot unfolds, it becomes clear that at every crossroads, there are people who help us become enhanced versions of ourselves, reminding us that the power to restart is within reach of all those willing to make conscious choices.

"Restart" is not just a story; it is an invitation for deep reflection on the complexities of life and the influence of our decisions at every turn of the road.

The Art of the Cover: A Personal Touch

While the publisher took care of the editing and layout, Gabriella Almeida, the author's daughter, contributed with a customized cover, faithful to the author's dreams. Every detail, from the choice of the main character to the name "Lis," born from a dream, was meticulously selected to convey the essence of the story.

The Magical Launch at the Brasília Book Fair

The book launch during the International Book Fair in Brasília/2021 was another surprising turning point. Meeting renowned evangelical writers, Nena Fonseca shared her work in a vibrant environment of readers, turning the event into an unforgettable celebration.

Marking the Next Chapter

"Restart" is not just a book; it is a milestone in the author's life, who now continues her literary journey with the next chapter of this thrilling series. Get ready to be captivated again with "Decide," the sequel that explores the importance of thoughtful decisions and the art of not procrastinating. Launching in 2024. Stay tuned!

Storytelling Real Lives: A Collection of Overcoming

Inspired by the stories of restart shared during her promotions, Nena Fonseca created the anthology "Storytelling Real Lives." Each chapter is an ode to overcoming and the lessons learned amidst life's challenges.

In 2024, we will have Volume 2, stay tuned for more information, and remember that you can be part of it!

A Success in Christian Fiction

"Restart" has secured its place as a favorite in Christian fiction, paving the way for a series that promises to continue enchanting hearts.

Nena Fonseca invites you to embark on this journey of overcoming and discovery, where each page is a promise of transformation.

The author wove a captivating plot where every reader can identify with the struggles, victories, and twists that permeate Lis's life. The friendship between Vanessa and Daniela adds layers of depth, representing the crossroads we all face on our journey.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this exciting narrative. Get your copy of "Restart" now and embark on a literary journey that transcends the supernatural.


Physical book: Buy directly from the author and receive it with a dedication at your address with free shipping throughout Brazil. WhatsApp 61981047334 R$40.00 (forty reais)

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